Use of renewable energy sources

  • analysis of European/national trends in the field of renewable energy sources
  • optimal technical proposal of renewable sources
  • economic and legislative analysis of the use of renewable energy sources
  • use (competitiveness) of renewable sources at the liberalized market
  • LDN (Local Distribution Network)

LDN (Local Distribution Network)

Constitution of the local distribution network

The local distribution network is constituted by a holder of the licence for distribution of electricity within his designated area in which is located the electric distribution equipment in his ownership and which supplies consumption points of other legal or physical entities, which means that it will be necessary to define the extent of this local distribution network and prepare documents for obtaining the licence for distribution of electricity.

In case that there exist reasons for the constitution of the local distribution network, an application for obtaining the licence will be completed in compliance with the valid regulation, the  entrepreneurial intention will be elaborated and the applicant`s financial qualification will be produced.

Along with the application for granting a licence it is also necessary to submit:

  • declaration of the authorized representative
  • copy of the cadastral map with delineation of the area where the relevant activity will be performed
  • abstract of the land registry where the ownership right is proved
  • record and proof of financial and technical prerequisites
  • proof of professional qualifications

The LDN operator has the information obligation with respect to the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) and on a monthly basis he must submit data to the electricity market operator.
The LDN operator must exert maximum effort in order to supply electricity to end customers and comply with the valid standards related to electric power supply. The exact definition of the LDN operator`s obligations is stipulated within the relevant regulation and the Storage Code.
The LDN is not constituted with the electric power producer who either consumes the generated electric power or sells it to the superior distribution network.

The company GREEN ENERGY INVESTMENTS s.r.o., among other things, also offers the possibility of retraining the „operator“ of your newly constituted LDN, who would be trained within necessary activities which will have to be inevitably performed, or we may provide these activities externally on a long-term basis.

Handling the Storage Code

The LDN operator must have the Storage Code of the LDN operator which is an inevitable part of the application for the constitution of LDN. The information included in the Code must be brief, comprehensible, with maximum relevance and the clear layout.

The storage code must, among other things, contain the below-mentioned basic information:

  • brief description of the distribution facility/equipment including external connections
  • organizational scheme with the description of primary relations and obligations
  • overview of prominent providers/suppliers and electric power consumers
  • regulation, switch off and frequency plan
  • overview of capacities for operation, maintenance and repairs
  • work instructions and partial emergency plans for structures where hazardous substances might leak
  • emergency prevention plan and the plan for relaunching the distribution network
  • announcement of provisions for prevention and rectification of emergency effects (alarm regulations)
  • notification and connection plan, including connections to external bodies and entities
  • description of material provision organization

The company GREEN ENERGY INVESTMENTS s.r.o. shall execute this document in cooperation with the investor as a turn-key project.