Operational programme Enterprise and Innovations, Programme Eco-Energy

The programme Eco-Energy is aimed at stimulating activities of entrepreneurs activities in the area of reducing energy demandingness of the generation and use of primary energy sources and the use of renewable energy sources.

Supported activities:

  • modernization of existing facilities for energy generation for personal use leading to increasing their efficiency
  • introduction and modernization of measurement and regulation systems
  • modernization, reconstruction and loss reductions within electricity and heat distributions
  • enhancing heat-technical properties of buildings, with the exception of family houses and apartment blocks
  • use of waste energy in industrial processes
  • increasing energy efficiency through introducing combined electric power and heat generation
  • reducing energy demandingness/ increasing energy efficiency of production and technological processes
  • construction of new and reconstruction of existing production facilities for the generation and distribution of heat and electric power energy through the use of water, biomass and secondary energy sources.

Suitable candidates:

  • small and mid-sized enterprises
  • large enterprises with particular activities

Grant value:

The grant value is between 30% - 60% of eligible expenses
More information on http://www.czechinvest.org/eko-energie