Handling and realization of energy concepts

  • regional energy concepts
  • assessment of the energy concept impact on the environment
  • energy audits and feasibility studies
  • preparation and handling of entrepreneurial intentions
  • feasibility studies for energy projects
  • implementation of energy management
  • analysis of the energy market and elaboration of possible strategies
  • risk analysis of energy investments
  • consultancy on trading in energies
  • preparation of concepts with providers of energies and fuels
  • selection procedures for the general contractor

Energy audit

The energy audit is a set of activities the result of which is information about methods and level of the use of energies in buildings and within energy economy of examined physical and legal entities and the proposal of measures that ought to be taken in order to achieve energy savings/efficiency.

The used method of solution complies to full extent, in both its form and content, with valid laws pursuant to the act 406/2000 Coll. on Energy Management and its subsequent amendment 177/2006 Coll. on Energy Management and its implementing decrees 213/2001 Coll. and 425/2004 Coll.

Ensuring audit and proposals of economically recoverable measures

  1. proposals of measures for reducing energy consumption within individual sectors of generation, distribution and consumption
  2. input economic assessment – evaluation of individual measures
  3. selection of measures into sets with synergic functioning and proposal of sets of concept solutions
  4. outputs of the energy audit (evaluation of the energy economy/efficiency level, overall potential of energy savings/efficiency, recommendation of economically interesting measures for the realization)

Final recommendation of the energy audit

  1. the elaboration of audits in compliance with formal requirements of the decree, its approval by the client and the elaboration of the energy audit final version pursuant to the Act no. 406/2000 Coll.
  2. final report
  • The authorized person for handling the energy audit is the energy auditor who has fulfilled requirements of the act no. 406/2000, §10 (Energy Management Act). The energy auditor meeting given conditions is stipulated within the list of energy auditors, which is administered by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  • The part of the energy audit is the condition assessment of building envelopes, heating method and preparation of warm service water, lighting, electrical appliances and evaluation of energy efficiency of technological processes. Subsequently, the energy audit proposes measures leading to the reduction of operating energy demandingness, at least in two suitable variants of measures combinations including their economic assessment. In conclusion, the energy audit proposes one of variants for realization and justifies its selection.
  • The part of the energy audit is the Energy labelling of buildings, which is a protocol introduced by ČSN 730540-2/2002, subsequently amended by ČSN 730540-2/2007 (later amended by ČSN 730540-2/2011), serving the purpose of the building assessment from the perspective of heat transmission through the building envelope, which is determined by means of the required standard value of the average coefficient of heat transmission of building stock Uem,s. The energy labelling classifies buildings pursuant to ČSN 73 0540–2 into seven categories A – G. Category A is the most energy efficient, category G is very unsatisfactory. Energy efficient and satisfactory are buildings with the classification indicator CI within categories A to C, i.e. the classification indicator CI is not higher than 1.