2.1.1 Reduction of emission load from sources within premises not connected to CHS (central heating system)

Supported activities:

  • providing low-emission combustion engines with the heat input up to 5 MW which meets standards of the top emission class, possibly along with improving energy properties of building cases (e.g. replacement of the existing coal-fired boilers with the new one of low-emission parameters)

Grant recipients:

  • churches and religious companies
  • public-benefit organizations
  • other non-entrepreneurial entities possessed by more than 50 % of property by communities or other public entities
  • business companies possessed by more or less than 67% of property by communities or other public entities
  • co-operative societies
  • physical entities
  • towns and communities
  • allowance organizations
  • civic associations
  • regions
  • state enterprises and organizations
  • community clusters

Grant form and value:

  • maximum grant value is 85% of overall eligible expenses with the projects submitted by public entities